Q. Who can apply?

1. Anyone between the ages of 18-35 that has basic computer knowledge

Q. What is the structure of the programme?

2. The duration of the programme will be held 3 months virtually and 6 months intensive training

Q. When will the programme begin?

3. June 2023

Q. How would I know I have been selected?

4. You will receive an email notifying you on the status of your application.

Q. What is the cost of the programme?

5. It is completely free. Please note we would never ask you for your account/card details and there is no form of payment required to participate in the YAPPI program.

Q: How long does the program last?

6. The program is designed to span three months, allowing participants to learn at their own pace. Students must complete all their classwork or assessments before progressing to the next module. If students complete their work, the subsequent modules will be unlocked, and students can move forward. If a student does not pass the first module after two weeks into the program, YAPPI reserves the right to remove them from the program entirely.

Q: Is there any cost involved?

7. No, the Youth in Animation and Post Production Initiative Program is completely tuition free. We aim to provide accessible education and mentorship that empowers young people interested in animation and post-production.

Q: Is the program entirely online?

8. Yes, the three-month program is entirely online. Our online learning platform will provide all the learning materials, tutorials, and project assignments. After completing the three months online, successful students will be moved to the on-site program, which will run for six months.

Q: What software and equipment do I need to participate in?

9. You will need access to a working computer or laptop with internet access for the online program. The specific software requirements will be shared with you during the onboarding process. We aim to use widely available software tools for this program. Please note that for the onsite program, laptops (Property of YAPPI) & internet access will be made available to all students.

Q: What software and equipment do I need to participate in?

10. The online program will offer Foundational Animation & Post Production courses over the course of three months.

Q: What Courses will be taught during the online program?

11. The online program will offer Foundational Animation & Post Production courses over the course of three months.

Q: What platforms will be used during the 3-month online program?

12. The live sessions and webinars for our program will take place on the Telegram platform. To ensure a smooth experience, we strongly advise you to download the Telegram app and become familiar with its features prior to the start of classes. The details regarding the virtual classroom platform will be communicated to you via email.

Q: Will there be any live sessions or workshops?

13. Yes, industry professionals will conduct live sessions and workshops. These sessions will allow participants to interact, ask questions, and gain insights from experts in the field.

Q: Are there any assessments or exams?

14. While there won't be traditional exams, there will be project assignments and assessments to evaluate your progress. These assignments MUST be completed before you have access to the next module. This is expected to help you apply the concepts you learn and build a portfolio of your work.

Q: Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

15. Upon completing the program, you will receive a certificate acknowledging your participation and the skills you have acquired.

Q: Can I collaborate with other participants?

16. Absolutely! Collaboration is encouraged in the program. Students will be divided into different communities where they can interact, share ideas, and collaborate with fellow participants. Your community manager will provide updates and facilitate discussions. You can also engage in formal conversations, ask questions, and exchange ideas during the live sessions.

Q: Do I need to attend classes at specific times?

17. No, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace within three months. The online classes are designed to accommodate different schedules. You can access the learning materials and complete the assignments based on your availability. Each student is expected to commit at least one hour per week to do coursework outside of our live webinars and classes. The more time you save, the more likely you will succeed and move on to the in-person phase of YAPPI. Only students who complete the online module will be eligible for selection to join the on-site program.

Q: Will there be any live sessions or webinars?

18. Yes, there will be live sessions, webinars, and career & mentorship sessions conducted by industry professionals and instructors. These sessions will provide additional learning opportunities, allow for interactive discussions, and offer a chance to ask questions. The dates and times of these live sessions will be communicated in the class schedule that will be sent.

Q: How can I access the learning materials and assignments?

19. Once enrolled in the program, you will receive login credentials for the virtual learning platform. You can log in to the platform using these credentials to access all the learning materials, assignments, and resources.

Q: Will there be opportunities for hands-on practice?

20. Yes, the program emphasizes hands-on practice during our six-month onsite program

Q: How will I submit my assignments or projects?

21. The virtual learning platform will provide instructions for submitting assignments or projects. You may be asked to upload your work directly to the platform or submit it through a designated submission portal. Clear guidelines will be provided to ensure a smooth submission process.

Q: Will there be opportunities for interaction with instructors?

22. You will have opportunities to interact formally with instructors during the live sessions.

Q: How will I receive feedback on my assignments and projects?

23. Instructors or mentors will provide feedback on assignments and projects. They will review your work and provide constructive feedback to help you improve and grow your skills. Feedback may be given through written comments, video feedback, and live discussions.

Q: What if I face technical difficulties during online classes?

24. If you encounter any technical difficulties, contact our technical support team for assistance at support@yappi.ng. Contact information for technical support will also be provided on the virtual learning platform.

What is the start date of the YAPPI program?

25. The YAPPI program is scheduled to commence on July 10th, 2023.

I have not received any email. What should I do?

26. We recommend checking your promotional tab and spam folder to ensure that important information is not missed. Please review these folders regularly to stay updated.

Is it mandatory to have a student ID?

27. Yes, having a student ID is compulsory. Please ensure that you provide a recent photo of yourself when signing into the Telegram platform.