Exciting News YAPPIANS: The Onsite Phase Begins!

The wait is over as YAPPI is transitioning into the Onsite Phase, which officially starts on February 19th, 2024.  It's time to dust off your animation tools and sharpen your post-production skills.

What’s In Store for YOU:

Live Action: Say goodbye to your screens and hello to real-life experience. The  YAPPI On-site phase brings its animation magic right to you.

Interactive Adventures: You had many screen-time adventures while studying YAPPI at home. It is time to dive deeper into the story and influence the plot. Get ready to collaborate with talented peers and passionate instructors, dive into workshops, unlock endless opportunities, network, bounce off ideas,  and so much more!

Post-production powerhouse: Learn how to bring your animations to life through sound design, music composition, editing, and visual effects.

Exclusive Sneak Peeks: Be the first to see what’s coming down the YAPPIline! You will surely get access to upcoming announcements and event schedules.

We couldn’t be more excited to embark on this thrilling YAPPI  journey with you, bringing your creativity, passion, and dedication to the Onsite Phase. It is your chance to shine, collaborate, and create something remarkable. 

Remember to share your experiences and insights on social media using #YAPPIOnsite #YAPPI #YAPPICOHORT1 

For YAPPI inquiries and more information, kindly contact all your respective community managers, or our students’ support officer at +234 911 275 7630 or our email address at support@yappi.ng 

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Posted By: Adah Daniel
2 months ago