YAPPI's Inaugural Meet and Greet: Promoting Creativity and Connection

The Youth in Animation and Post-Production Initiative (YAPPI), a first of its kind academic program in Nigeria dedicated to empowering the creatively inclined youths with skills in animation and post-production, recently hosted its first-ever meet and greet event in Sabo, Lagos. The turnout was remarkable with over 400 enthusiastic participants converging to celebrate their shared passion for animation, post-production and their collective progress so far.                                                        

The excitement surrounding the entire program was evident on the day, particularly discernable when a participant traveled all the way from Anambra to Lagos just to witness the first physical gathering in person. This level of commitment underscored the significance of YAPPI in providing a platform for young talents across the country.


The event was carefully curated to provide a memorable experience for attendees. The highlight of the day was a series of insightful sessions featuring accomplished animators and seasoned professionals from supporting industries as panelists. The event’s moderator facilitated interactive Q&A sessions which allowed the audience to engage directly with the experts and ask pressing questions. 

All participants were treated to a plethora of YAPPI-branded gifts such as tote bags, notebooks, pens, key holders, as well as refreshments, and so much more. 

Following the formal sessions, participants had the chance to network, connect with the community managers, meet fellow students, make new friends, and engage in one-on-one conversations with the featured animators. This post-event interaction added further value for the attendants, emphasizing the supportive ecosystem the YAPPI project is building for these aspiring animators to thrive. 

In concluding the event, the YAPPI project manager thanked the YAPPI students for their unwavering commitment to the program as their remarkable progress within the short period is testament to the impact the program poses to the Nigerian youths. 


The success of the meet and greet is a source of joy for the entire YAPPI team. The positive energy, shared enthusiasm, and the connections forged exemplify the program's commitment to nurturing talent and building a vibrant animation community in Nigeria. 


As YAPPI continues to make strides in empowering youths and fostering creativity, the impact of this inaugural meet and greet resonates as a promising step toward a brighter future for the animation industry in the country and by extension, Africa.

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Posted By: Marris Obasi
4 months ago