The Business Of Animation, Turning Your Passion Into A Career

Are you ready to convert passion into a profession? Well, we are here for that exciting move. Transitioning into the animation business is an explosive start in this digital age. Are you someone who spends hours imagining grand locations, envisioning dreamy characters, visualizing stories, and giving such thoughts the possibility of evolving into a full-fledged career? Then walk with YAPPI as we transform your dreams into a thriving paycheck. Yes, YAPPI will turn the brilliant ideas bubbling in your head into money in your pocket!                        

Ever imagined waking up excited daily to dive into your work with complete satisfaction knowing that your passion is not just a hobby but the driving force to propel you into a dynamic industry full of limitless possibilities? 


The animation industry is a flowing stream of numerous avenues to explore. The opportunities are endless. Whether you are inclined towards traditional 2D animation or cutting-edge 3D graphics, stop-motion animation, and more, there’s a niche waiting for your creative touch. However, to navigate this world, you must hone your skills and be spontaneous and daringly crazy with ideas built on a solid foundation. 


Excelling in educational and skill development, YAPPI has provided a free online animation program that offers hands-on experience and mentorship. YAPPI has been imparting technical and theoretical aspects of animation software, the principles of storytelling, and the art of bringing creations to visual delight! 


The salary outlook for animators depends on their professional experience, job type, and degree. Although the industry is steadily growing, the number of students entering the field is also rising, making animation a competitive field. Reports state that over 72,000 jobs exist for multimedia artists and animators, and the industry is projected to add about 3,000 new openings from 2018–2028. 


With its time-consuming and demanding work environment, a career in animation comes with challenges. However, navigating it and adjusting to its changes will help you strike a balance. 


As you debate your career choices and paths in animation, keep in mind that creating a career and income around your passions is a win-win situation that necessitates dedication, responsibility, and an openness to learning. 


YAPPI will always provide not just a fun-work artistic playground for fellow animators like you but a mentoring environment with people who have traveled similar roads to guide you towards a fulfilling, awe-inspiring, and lucrative career in animation. 


YAPPIANS, it is time to work and earn your rewards! 



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Posted By: Ada Daniel
3 months ago