Having almost completed the nine-week online intensive training, all thanks to YAPPI, you will agree that animation has delighted audiences for countless years. From classic hand-drawn characters to cutting-edge modern blockbusters and many more, the art of animation has evolved in remarkable ways. While you learn, take a deep dive as YAPPI explores some intriguing animation facts that will make you appreciate the animation industry more.            

Let's begin with our favourite animation of all time, “Tom and Jerry.” I bet you had no clue that the original names of Tom and Jerry for their first appearance in the 1940s were Jasper and Jinx. Are they kitten us? No! Best known for its theatrical films by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, the toon won numerous awards and got spinoffs and musical adaptations. 


Have you any idea of the names of the white princess and the seven dwarfs? Want to take a swiping guess? Snow White! Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is considered the first feature-length animated movie. Released in 1937, the movie got a whopping eight Oscars in 1938, which set the stage for the future of animation, proving that animation could be a viable medium for storytelling. 


Hakunamatata! What a wonderful phrase! It means ‘no worries’; we are sure you already knew that, right? So go ahead and complete the song like we just did! The song was created by Disney researchers when they visited Kenya. Many of the visually stunning scenes in The Lion King were influenced by wildlife and animal behavior, giving the characters in the movie a more realistic quality. 


Our favorite white, black, and red mouse, which we all grew up with on our screens, of course, Mickey Mouse, was originally going to be named Mortimer! Not only that, Mickey was the first animated character to speak and utter its first phrase, "Hot Dog!" which has its musical adaptation. 


Toy Story initiated the CGI Evolution. The1995 movie was the first entirely computer-generated feature film, making a revolution in animation. Beloved Toy Story characters - Woody and Buzz - were based on real toys. In 1998, Pixar’s short story, Tin Toy, developed the idea of toys being alive, which led to Toy Story. 


Oh, want to get down to other interesting facts? The Simpsons, an animated series that tackles mature themes with wit and humour is the longest-running primetime comedy and animated series in US history, winning multiple awards since its debut. 


And there you have it, YAPPIANs! As these lists provide an exciting glimpse into the inventive genius behind each animated masterpiece, these amusing and oddball animation facts should make your upcoming movie night more entertaining. Animation involves more than just drawing; it involves story-telling, skillfully pushing the envelope and bringing  seemingly impossible characters to life.  


So whether you're a fan of classic Disney movies or the latest animated spectacle, remember that animation is a world rich in history, boundless creativity, and endless surprises. Until next time, keep watching, learning, dreaming and be YAPPIfied! 



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Posted By: Ada Daniel
2 months ago