Exploring Innovation and Impact: MasterCard Foundation Nigerian Partners Exhibition

A vibrant showcase of innovation recently took place in Lagos, organized by the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) and featuring an array of its partners and scholars.  As part of its commitment to working with visionary organizations to enable young people in Africa and indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work, the MasterCard Foundation Nigerian Partners Exhibition brought together diverse sectors such as agriculture, technology, and animation. The event illuminated the promising future of MCF's initiatives in Nigeria and beyond, as vibrant discussions and insightful panel chats added to its success.

The exhibition served as a platform for MasterCard Foundation partners and scholars to shine a spotlight on their innovative projects and initiatives to foster economic empowerment and sustainable development for youth across diverse industries. One such project is YAPPI (Youth in Animation and Post-Production Initiative), a collaboration between the Del-York Creative Academy and the MasterCard Foundation. 

YAPPI was prominently featured at the exhibition, focused on empowering the typically underserved (women and youth) in the animation and post-production industries. The initiative aims to nurture and cultivate talent, equipping young individuals with the skills and opportunities to compete and excel in the rapidly expanding field. The demand for animation and post-production services is rising globally and even more in Africa with the recent release of Disney’s history-making animated series, "Iwaju." Programs like YAPPI are pivotal in providing the next generation of creatives and animators with the resources necessary to succeed.

But it was not just about the showcase. The exhibition provided a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Fireside panel chats brought together industry experts, policymakers, thought leaders, the private sector, donors, and youths to create effective systems and infrastructures, supportive policies, and an environment where young people can find work and entrepreneurs and small businesses can grow and thrive. 

A key highlight of the event was the attendance of the MCF Scholars. These bright young minds have embodied the spirit of resilience, innovation, and leadership. One of the scholars, Evelyn Areo from Nigeria's Youth Admin Committee, shared her story. She mentioned, “I started my business with ten thousand naira, which the MasterCard Foundation provided, and I am glad to say that over the years, I have witnessed growth in my business.”

Looking ahead, the MasterCard Foundation’s presence in Nigeria promises a brighter future for the country’s youth. The Foundation’s continuous investment in education and entrepreneurship lays the groundwork for sustainable development and economic growth. Through YAPPI and impactful partnerships with organizations like Del-York Creative Academy, Jobberman, TerraKulture, and more, the MasterCard Foundation empowers young Nigerians to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

The MasterCard Foundation Nigerian Partners Exhibition in Lagos was a testament to the power of collaboration and youth empowerment and the Foundation’s commitment to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper.

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Posted By: Folasola Sodiq
1 month ago