Empowering Women's Health through 3D Animation in Africa

Empowering Women's Health through 3D Animation in Africa 

"Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a threat to women all around the world - but particularly to African women. The higher prevalence of HPV reported across Africa is more likely to lead to cervical cancer in African women. In many African countries, Nigeria included, access to HPV vaccinations is limited which leaves a large number of women at risk. Early detection screening tests are plentiful in other countries, but due to limited resources, infrastructure, and awareness, many of these women's health programs are not as widely available in Nigeria. Early vaccination and implementation of holistic women's health initiatives in small or large communities can make a huge difference later on in life when HPV infections are more likely to become cervical cancer and result in higher mortality rates in African women." 

As a part of the Youth in Animation and Post-Production Initiative (YAPPI) program that just finished its online remote program with participants from every one of Nigeria's 36 states, two students from the YAPPI program, Idris Taiwo (@the_annointed_animator) and Offojebe Kingsley (_sleyo) submitted their short 3d animation "Guardian of the Cervix: The Battle Against Sneaky Villain" to the 4 Girls & Women "#EndCervicalCancer Art Challenge." 

The minute-and-a-half short animation gives a clear description of the threat of HPV in African women and educates viewers about the importance of vaccination and early-warning detection systems for women's health. The short includes a detailed 3D model of the female anatomy (built with the skills they learned in the 3-month-long YAPPI program) and also the animated version of the "sneaky villain" that can lead to cervical cancer when undiscovered. 

Posts of the video on the Instagram platform have already received thousands of views, likes, and comments. The video was made using the open-source software "Blender" (www.blender.org) developed in the Netherlands and governed by a global group of programmers and developers from across the world. 

The video below gives an idea of the power and opportunity included in skill-building African talent with advanced technology and creative purpose. From start to finish, this animated short film is a testament to the value and importance of 3D animation and post-production skills harnessed by the rising generation of African youth. 

From its popularity on social media to its significance as a creative work where a minuscule number of black women are counted among the influential voices of the medium, this video is a major accomplishment for YAPPI, its students in Nigeria, creative professionals across the continent, and women around the world. 

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Posted By: Adah Daniel
3 months ago