Behind The Scenes Of YAPPI Virtual Training


For this, there is no BTS video. Here is an actual account of eight weeks of the YAPPI program, where I share how the previous few weeks of virtual learning have not only involved sitting in front of a screen but travelling through the worlds of technology, creativity and innovation.

Behind every virtual learning experience are some digital pioneers who modified their plans, student affairs staff who provided round-the-clock assistance, IT staff who bolstered technical issues, and those who navigated the labyrinth of YAPPI for a seamless learning experience.

The story does not end here, though; for the students using this platform, it was the beginning of an exploration of uncharted animation territory. In their solitude, there was the ongoing struggle with erratic internet connections, the balancing of scheduled meetings, the completion of asynchronous assignments and being distracted by domestic chaos. Through it all, their success in the novel teachings of online education painted a vivid picture of resilience.

In a world where the click of a button can transport you into the heart of animation learning, with the extensive knowledge passed down from experts through the other end of the screen, vibrant scholars are awed by the scope and hues of YAPPI workshops ranging from animation techniques, creating textures, delving into media files, grasping modelling techniques and more quizzes.

Exploring the exciting lessons and uncovering designs and stories with palpable curiosity, each student displayed their works on YAPPI’s social media platforms. From the innovative, entertaining stop-motion animation designs to the skillful use of Blender. Oh, and how the distinctiveness of each person's work emitted delight and ingenuity in the abilities and teachings given.

Through its weekly impactful mentorship live sessions, the Youth in Animation and Post-Production Initiative (YAPPI) aims to shape the future of the youth, expand their career perspectives and create boundless opportunities in the animation industry.

As the virtual classroom progresses and reveals the countless hours of dedication and commitment poured into this animation journey, this is a testament to the unwavering spirit, forever evolving, learning, and adapting, ready to face whatever the future may holds.

With its superlative passport of creativity, YAPPI is happy to support you! Enough with the nostalgia; it is time to broaden your vista and resume your exploits in the real world!

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Posted By: Ada Daniel
10 months ago