Animation 101: A Virtual Learning Adventure

Whoever says virtual learning isn’t pure fun has definitely not encountered the YAPPI online class. For sure, the YAPPI online class is where you access knowledge at your fingertips. Yes, you heard right—the Youth In Animation and Post Production Initiative (YAPPI) Virtual Learning, the ultimate breeding ground for aspiring animators, has kicked off. We’ve captured every excitement and detail that is palpably exciting for you.

Following weeks of registration, eager participants from various parts of the country registered, were screened and shortlisted for the quirky charm, passion and determination that set them apart. Each was present with the unique YAPPI Student ID. This virtual badge of honour was their pass to a world of fascinating courses and electrifying opportunities.

Now, let’s step into the thrilling first week of YAPPI Online courses, which are halfway through - the very embodiment of fun-tactic! Engaging tutors with a new level of wisdom and wonder assist students grasp complex concepts and interactive quizzes at the end of each course to test their intelligence. Our intrepid YAPPIans, explorers of knowledge equipped with a thirst for adventure and infused with insatiable curiosity, blasted off into an odyssey of learning.

The students are guided on the grand learning adventure, by YAPPI's talented mentors, into the virtual arena of animation skill acquisition that weaves a tapestry of connections that transcended borders and time zones. The prerequisite phases included: Introduction to animation; Essential tools used in 3D animation; Required and most preferred application for an animator; Basic terms used; Understanding the importance and general principles of 3D animation, and many more.

With excitement brewing, the eager YAPPIans uncovered the essence of every lesson taught and unveiled masterpieces by creating magic using stop-motion animation. How wonderful! We celebrate the brilliance that has blossomed in every YAPPIan - from wide-eyed beginners to confident experts.

As YAPPI virtual learning continues to ignite the spark of fun and curiosity within you, remember that the world is your stage and knowledge is your greatest ally. Here’s a virtual toast to endless learning, discoveries, creativity and opportunities.


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Posted By: Adah Daniel
4 months ago