Have you ever wondered what happens when 3D imagination, visual effects and animation meet in an epic convergence of creativity and festivity? Hey, buckle up because the LIFANIMA Awards just turned that interesting prospect into a dazzling reality!

Now, let’s whisk you into the heart of the action at the LIFANIMA Awards 2023. Picture this - a premium showcase of the finest in animation, visual arts, creative talents, festivity and awards, bringing together animators, art directors, artists and aspiring creatives.

LIFANIMA 2023, the Lagos International Festival of Animation, marked the 7th edition of this extraordinary event in Ikoyi, Lagos. With an array of animated personalities elegantly attired in Nigerian fabrics and adorning the very latest hairstyles were being conveyed in black and yellow public buses. In a fascinating fusion of traditional and modern storytelling, LIFANIMA truly brought imagination and Nigerian and African cultural ethics to life through white-boarding and graphical motion effects.

The event ran a 2-day animation workshop for creative animation and visual arts from October 24th to 25th 2023. It was an immersive and seamless experience that provided a delightful blend of activities from interactive conversations with industry experts, hands-on workshops and in-depth training. Inclusive of LIFANIMA Cinema showcasing a collection of animated cinemas, there was also the forging of a sense of community among fellow animators. The 3-day festival bustled with excitement as attendees enjoyed cocktails at the award ceremony as they mingled with the industry’s finest.

Adding excitement to the event was the revelation that the Nigerian government is making funds available for creative endeavors, and that international animation competitions now offer students the chance of winning cash prizes in foreign currencies. 

Guess what the highlight of the evening was! Well, LIFANIMA bestowed a jaw-dropping reward upon our very own YAPPI participant. Yes, Miriam Nwosah, whose work "TRASH MONSTER" got the thumbs-up, earned the prestigious LIFANIMA award. This remarkable achievement underscores how YAPPI positively impacts lives, creates opportunities, and promotes financial independence and success for youths.

The YAPPI Community is committed to delivering impactful opportunities to showcase your talents and gain recognition nationally and internationally. We aim to empower and inspire the next generation of creative minds, fostering innovation and making a meaningful difference in the lives of our esteemed YAPPIans.

Until next year, when YAPPI takes us on a journey through the realms of animation festivals and workshops, we will be eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the ever-evolving tapestry of animated brilliance. YAPPI will take you there!

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Posted By: Ada Daniel
7 months ago