10k Creatives on board as the YAPPI Train Sets Sail on the Animation Adventure!

In a field where creativity knows no bounds, over 10,000 creatives have been shortlisted for the Youth in Animation and Post-Production Initiative (YAPPI).

Welcome to YAPPI, the ultimate animation and post-production initiative ready to transport young men and women to a world of imagination where dreams take flight!

YAPPI, an initiative of Del-York Creative Academy in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, has attracted thousands of young people from a variety of backgrounds, talents, and aspirations. They have eagerly been registering to take advantage of the opportunity and be part of a tapestry of extraordinary stories just waiting to be told.

YAPPI is bringing together young aspiring animators, seasoned artists, passionate storytellers, and visionaries between the ages of 18 and 35. Each applicant is inspired and equipped with a spark that will ignite the creative fire.

The possibilities are endless as we prepare to close the application process and assemble under the banner of magnificent events of animation wonder. We will be innovatively exploring diverse fields, from storyboards to VFX, 3D modeling, post-production, animation, and every aspect of the creative courses. YAPPI will set out on a journey where colors dance and characters breathe. The spirit of innovation and the shared passion for storytelling become real, and every image comes to life. Together, we will experiment, learn, and push the limits of animation artistry.

Yes, learning is enjoyable, but collaborations are priceless. Through collaborations, friendships blossom, vibrant animators' communities form, and mentorship opportunities are made available. Truly, aspiration and the pursuit of excellence are the driving forces behind these.

It’s time to get ready and let loose! It is time to stoke our imaginations and board the thrilling YAPPI train together!  As the YAPPI train sets sail to launch the animation adventure with thousands of creative souls aflame, we celebrate the efforts and the triumphs and savor the joy of producing something extraordinary for the youth.

We will leave a lasting impression on the canvas of animation history as we start to create worlds that awe and amaze!

YAPPI - Your Passport to Creativity is here! Let the animation adventure begin!

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Posted By: Adah Daniel
4 months ago